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Why Your Mom Rocks


Mother’s Day is upon us again and if you haven’t ordered a custom specialty cake from Brooklyn’s bakery, La Gran Bakery, let us remind you why your mom rocks and deserves the best cake around! Like Chuck Norris, you mom does it all and does it in an awe inspiring way!

  1. Mom as Doctor. Our mom’s learn fast what fever is serious and which isn’t; they know when to take us to the doctor and when we just need chicken noodle soup.
  2. Mom as Teacher. Our Mom is our first teacher, teaching us to walk and talk, to count and say the alphabet all the way to how to drive and apply to college, or maybe ask our the girl.boy of our dreams.
  3. Mom as Coach. Mom’s
  4. Mom as Therapist. We tell our Moms our personal troubles and they listen and help us solve them with compassion, humor and love.
  5. Mom as Dad. Dad’s can’t always be there so Mom fill traditional roles of Dads too, throwing the ball in the park and killing spiders.
  6. Mom as Chauffeur. Mom’s get us where we need to be, whether it’s to ball practice, the movies with our friends or the school dance, we know we can count on her to get us there on time and in safety.
  7. Mom as Guidance Counselor. Moms guide us in our life choices like what classes to take and what to major in in college.
  8. Mom as Chef. Moms not only feed us, but the know what we like and make sure we have it when we are feeling down.

Check out our website for our speciality cakes fit for a queen or in this case, the queen of your house, your Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there! 

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