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Celebrate your Graduate!


Graduation season is upon us and no celebration is complete without a custom specialty cake from la Gran Via Bakery in Brooklyn! Whether your graduate is finishing high school or college, their tremendous effort deserves celebrating with a delicious cake. Not all graduation are equal and we know that. Some students need a helping hand from day one until they move that tassel from one side to the other, while others seem to glide through school and life. If you are a parent of a graduate, you deserve to celebrate being done with teacher conferences, battles of homework,nights spent worrying about their path in life and their GPA, and buying school supplies or textbooks. Of course, if your student is graduating from high school, you have college to look forward and more textbooks, more worries but this time they are more independent, more focused (one hopes) and more mature to handle the struggles that life inevitably brings. But that’s all in the future. Right now, take a break and savor the moment and celebrate your student’s great accomplishment! Pick a standard design or create something that is in tune with your students major or favorite class. Check out our 3-d Designs and see if one doesn’t fit your graduate! Or choose one of birthday cakes and simply change the message. We have cakes for every price range, taste and sense of humor! No reason to stay serious, have fun with it and be funny! This is a joyous occasion! Celebrate!

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