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Sweeten Up Your Holidays!


The holidays are here! You have to prepare a feast for your family, go shopping for presents, wrap said presents, decorate your home, and keep up with all of your other day to day responsibilities --do you really have time to bake on top of all of that? Baked treats are a delicious addition to the season, and it truly wouldn't be the same without them, but really, who has the time or the energy to bake after everything else? Luckily, you have La Gran Via Bakery on your side, and with our Tres Leches Cakes in Brooklyn, you can sweeten up your holidays like never before!

Our Tres Leches cakes are absolutely amazing, and you have so many decadent options to choose from! Whether your family prefers chocolate, strawberries, or mixed fruit --we have the perfect cake for you! These cakes are lightly moistened with our sought-after Tres Leches, and they are so incredibly beautiful! Your holidays truly won't be the same without them! 

Not a fan of Tres Leches cake? Not to worry! Our bakery can make specialty cakes for every need and every occasion. All you have to do is stop by our bakery in Brooklyn or give us a call. Our motto is "You dream it, we design it", and we truly mean that! No cake is too complicated or difficult for our talented staff to perfect for you.

Save yourself the time and the hassle this holiday season, and let La Gran Via Bakery sweeten up your holidays like never before! Visit us online today to get started. 

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