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Mothers Day is Coming


This year get a custom made Mother’s Day cake from Brooklyn’s specialty cake bakery for your mother this year. A Tres Leches Cake with fruit would look lovely in the middle of a table next to a bouquet of flowers. You can choose between Mixed fruits and nuts, strawberries and peaches, strawberry and vanilla, just strawberries or, my personal favorite (hint, hint) the Tres Leches cake with strawberry and chocolate. A hard choice but you know your mother best. Or maybe your mother is the light-hearted type who would laugh heartily at a funny 3-D.

To reflect a bit on mothers day we thought we’d review the history of Mother’s Day.In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May a national holiday celebrating mothers. He did so in response to Anna Jarvis’ lobbying for a holiday following her success at getting the day recognized in West Virginia Her mother was a peace activist who cared for soldiers on both sides of the Civil War struggle. Since then Americans have celebrated their mothers every may with gifts, special meals and a day devoted to saying thanks to the person without whom one of us would be here. Mothers usually do it all, doctor, teacher, caregiver, coach, cheerleader, counselor and peacemaker. It is a day to take time to say thanks and express the appreciation that, for too many days of the year, goes unsaid. This year show your appreciation and order her a memorable cake from La Gran Via Bakery. 

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